About me

Hi! I’m Rosie and I’m a natural wedding photographer in the epic city of Newcastle, but I shoot weddings all over the UK.

I live in a cosy house with my gorgeous husband Kev and my cheeky son Caleb.

My favourite things in the world are meeting new people and making killer playlists, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me walking in the park with my boys.

I couldn’t live without my friends and family, music and my Kindle. I spend a lot of time at home with my favourite people and nothing makes me happier than curling up infront of a naff action movie with a packet of Minstrels.

My love of people is what got me into photography. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 6 years and I’m having so much fun. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to shoot people in love and take awesome photos. (Oh and the free cake is good too!)

My couples love having a good time, and the last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them about and makes them pose all day.

My wedding photography style is relaxed and fun. I capture all the silly and romantic moments, and let you get on with having a wicked day. For me the bit I love the most about a wedding day is the chilled in between bits, because everyone’s a bit tipsy and has forgotten about me and my camera.

Your wedding is all about having a wonderful time with your favourite people. You don’t care about formalities or worrying about the little things that don’t matter – you just want to dance to your favourite songs with your friends and family.

If this sounds like you, and you don’t think I’m a total dick (or maybe you do and you like it!) then get in touch!