Sarah and Adam:
Wedding Venue & Date: Slaley Hall- 29th May 2017
Communication: Communication prior to the wedding was excellent. Any queries we had were always answered quickly, but to be honest everything was so well explained and so well organised by you that we had little to ask!
Prep Sheet: Absolutely. The prep sheet was so useful in organising in my own mind which photos we wanted, and it meant everything ran so smoothly on the day.
Personality: You were absolutely fantastic on the day! Helping the boys out with button holes was greatly appreciated! All the guest commented on how great you were, and the result was natural, relaxed shots as everyone was so at ease.
Professionalism: I cannot fault your professionalism whatsoever. Using the time during the meal to back up photos just shows how much care is taken to make sure nothing goes wrong!
Timings: All timings were perfect. The group shots were done with hardly any interruption to people enjoying their drinks! Timescales: We waited just under 6 weeks which is more than acceptable for the standard of images which we received
Final Images: I absolute love the final images. It is such a beautiful record of our day. The photos are all natural and relaxed which is what we wanted, and really capture the enjoyment of the day. Nothing at all has been missed- it is a perfect record right through from getting ready to the first dance, and everything in between. It is so nice to be able to look back and see all the parts which we missed in the excitement of the day.
Things you loved: I think you have a really unique blend of talent and professionalism but also the friendly personality to put everyone at ease. We aren't naturally ones to have our photos taken but not once did we feel awkward or embarrassed. The pre wedding shoot really helped with that and the images from that were great!
Areas for improvement: Honestly not. We have absolutely no complaints or even slight issues!  Further recommendations: We certainly intend to recommend you whenever we can!
Laura and Chris:
Communication: Rosie was absolutely fantastic on the run up to the wedding and the pre-wedding shoot. She was very flexible in terms of times and location for the pre-wedding shoot and I loved her style of communication. Everything was very laid back and it completely put us at ease, which is exactly what we were after. She got back to us very quickly and answered any queries we had straight away. We were always kept up to date by email on how things would run on the day and completion of the pre-sheet etc too.
Prep Sheet: Yes it was great, allowed us to have a rough idea in our own heads of how the day would run. Brilliant that there were checks in case there were any particular members of the family which didn't get along, to avoid any awkward encounters on the day! Great that we got to jot down a few ideas for photos we were after, but ultimately we happy in Rosie's hands on the day to capture the candid, natural shots we were after.
Personality: Rosie's personality is amazing! I honestly couldn't rate her more highly. We had so many guests comment afterwards on how fantastic she was and completely put everyone at ease. Most people didn't notice she was taking the photos either so the are completely natural. Rosie took the time to interact with everyone and it was honestly like we had a friend taking the photos for us. Professionalism: Rosie was completely professional on the day, felt so relaxed she just took care of everything, such as popping off in the morning to take photos of the dresses whilst we were getting ready. She even made sure that the guests were out of the way before moving the dresses so that no one could see them beforehand. We love the relaxed, natural look to photos and Rosie captured the guests and venue perfectly. She was fantastic at giving us direction for the couple photos too, lets just say, my husband and I will never be professional models (haha)so it was perfect to have Rosie give us some direction on how to stand etc. and make us feel relaxed.
Timings: Timings were managed perfectly. No issues at all. Timescales: We got the pre-wedding photos back extremely quickly. We didn't wait long for the wedding photos either. I loved that we had little preview photos uploaded and the video also. I think the timing was great, because it then gave us something to look forward to a little later down the line. Rosie kept us up to date on when we would be receiving them too.
Final Images: We are over the moon with our photos. They are exactly what we were looking for. A particularly important part of our day, was to have our daughter as the focus. Rosie captured some absolutely beautiful photos of her. I love that there is a mixture of the group photos and the candid ones and also that there are black and white photos mixed in with them. I really feel that Rosie captured exactly what we were after, a relaxed day with our close friends and family. Things you loved: I completely love Rosie's approach to everything. we completely wanted to avoid the traditional wedding photographer feel of making everyone awkwardly stand in a line in different family set ups. Rosie was just brilliant, for the large group photo, she gathered everyone straight after the ceremony so that the rest of the day everyone was just left to their own devices.
Areas for improvement: No I think the whole package was fantastic! loved the presentation box you got back with the photos too.
Further recommendations: She's just brilliant, such a hard worker and even at out pre-wedding shoot, mid 2-yr old toddler meltdown, she caught some fantastic photos of our daughter. I honestly cannot recommend her more. If you are looking for a photographer that will completely put you and your guests at ease, Rosie is the person for you. Her pricing is fantastic and our photos are beautiful. She is completely open to any suggestions on location for photos too (i.e. she's not afraid to get grubby traipsing through muddy woods! haha). I feel that not only have we got beautiful photos as a memory of our special day, but we also now have an amazing friend. So, so pleased that we booked with Rosie - honestly don't even consider booking anyone else!
Amy and Kirt:
Wedding Venue & Date: South Causey Inn 18th February 2017
Communication: Rosie was recommended to us by a friend. After sending a few emails we arranged to meet in a convenient location. Rosie was lovely, friendly and seemed the perfect photographer for us. Throughout the build up to the wedding day we remained in touch and all questions were answered quickly. Rosie was easy to chat to and kept us both calm, using her knowledge and experience to keep our wedding anxieties down. Having the engagement shoot was a bonus as it gave us time to get used to being snapped and to get to know Rosie and how she works. It made the whole thing run more smoothly. When it came to the wedding day we felt Rosie really knew us and we trusted her to give us perfect memories from the day.
Prep Sheet: The prep sheet really did cover it all! It meant we were all in agreement prior to the wedding and nothing needed to be discussed on the day. Filling out the sheet allowed us to think about which shots were most important to us, including special moments in the day and special items such as the guestbook frame, the flowers and the Groom's new watch! It also gave us a way to give insight to our family dynamics and a who's who of the bridal party.
Personality: Rosie is relaxed and friendly and approached everything with a positive attitude. When we were getting ready on the morning Rosie remained on the sidelines whilst capturing natural shots of us getting our hair and make up done. Throughout the ceremony and reception, Rosie was never in our faces and at times it was easy to forgot she was there! Yet she managed to capture every second perfectly. None of the photos felt awkward or too set up. The weather was very cold and windy and we had a laugh during the couple shots, trying to use the wind in our favour! All of the guests commented on how great she was. Weddings are a long day and Rosie smiled throughout, even though it was her son's birthday!
Professionalism: Rosie was professional yet informal. She gave instructions as to who needed to be where and made it clear what was happening throughout the day, meaning the guests could be in their photos then move on to enjoy the day.
Timings: The timings of the day were managed very well. Rosie worked around our timings for everything and ensured their was time for all of the photos we wanted. Due to having babies and grandparents to manage in cold weather we wanted to make group shots quick for everyone. Rosie flew through the pictures, making sure everyone was happy, warm and we had all of the shots we wanted. She even picked up on group personalities such as my uni friends, who were keen to get to the bar and did their pictures first so they could get their round in. For two people who are always late it was a miracle that the timings of the day were followed and we have Rosie to thank for that.
Timescales: The day after our wedding we went on our honeymoon. Rosie messaged us before we left with a few preview pictures which were fabulous and made us excited to see the rest. Over the following few weeks Rosie shared a few pictures of our day on social media as well as a gorgeous preview video. We had our wedding memory stick (and some lovely goodies!) within 3 weeks of the wedding which exceeded our expectations.
Final Images: We cannot thank Rosie enough for our wedding photos. They sum up the day perfectly, including all of the emotion and small details and allow us to treasure special memories of our day forever.
Things you loved: The whole service from start to finish was amazing. Planning a wedding can be stressful and we were very fortunate we found a photographer who made the whole thing easy and stress free. We were lucky enough to have a second photographer as Rosie brought a photographer who was training along, which just added to the day and gave us a second viewpoint in our photographs. Rosie was easy to get on with, listened to everything we said and gave us amazing photographs from our wedding day. Thank you so much for everything.
Areas for improvement: There is nothing we would have changed about the day and can't fault anything about Rosie's work. Excellent service from start to finish!
Further recommendations: We really can't recommend Rosie enough (although we try!)
Katherine and Aiden:
Wedding Venue & Date: Branxholm Park House 28/05/2017
Communication: Right from the start Rosie was excellent. From our first contact with Rosie to organise an initial meeting we knew we were in safe hands. Rosie was quick to put a Groom that doesn't like his photograph taken at ease and she was happy to answer questions from an anxious Bride. Rosie was prompt to reply to emails, keeping us up to date with each step of the process.
Prep Sheet: One way Rosie did this was with her prep sheet. This was a great way to get us thinking about our upcoming wedding day and about what we wanted from our photos. When it came to the big day everything ran smoothly thanks to Rosie's prep sheet; every aspect and detail we wanted to remember was lovingly captured, guests were gathered with ease for group shots and no body was left hanging around as can so easily happen on wedding days.
Personality: We also found on our Wedding day that Rosie's personality shone through. If you choose Rosie as your photographer (and you should!) you will find her incredibly easy to get on with. Rosie is approachable, organised and attentive to detail. We received comments through out the day, and afterwards, from our guests such as "I wish I'd had Rosie as my wedding photographer!" and "She's so lovely and friendly". Rosie clearly made a great impression on our guests, making them feel comfortable and at ease. She switched easily from chatting and mingling with guests to professional photographer capturing all the best moments of the day. I believe that it is down to Rosie's relaxed, approachable and friendly personality that allows her to capture people at their best. Professionalism: Despite Rosie's friendly approach she maintained a professional attitude through our journey with her.
Timings: This professionalism was key to Rosie's ability to manage timings on the day. Things moved seamlessly and with ease. At no point were we interrupted or made to feel hurried.
Timescales: The very next day we had a beautiful picture from our couples shoot waiting for us on Facebook! This was a great taster of our final images to come. Rosie kept giving us little snippets; more photos on Facebook and a slideshow! These were so easy to share with family and friends. We received our final photos a matter of weeks after our wedding day!
Final Images: We love our final images! Our USB pen came lovingly packaged up along with treats to enjoy while we spent time perusing our photos and reminiscing over the day. We have a great selection of photos, covering all aspects of the day, to choose from to create an album that will last a lifetime and be passed around family members for many years to come. Rosie perfectly captured everything that we wanted and all those special moments too. She has encapsulated our magical day as Bride and Groom as well as unique moments like my Mum and Dad's hands clasped tight in embrace during our ceremony. These photos speak volumes of love that words could not. I can't thank Rosie enough for capturing our gorgeous wedding day. Simply beautiful.
Things you loved: We loved every aspect of the service we received from Rosie, it was impeccable! I could not fault her on anything!
Areas for improvement: We knew right from the start she was the photographer for us and this is evident in the final photos we have received.
Further recommendations: We will definitely be recommending Rosie to friends and family. Our final photos have perfectly captured all the love and fun of our wedding day.
Lauren and Grant: 
Wedding Venue & Date: As You Like It, Jesmond - 19th February 2017
Communication: I communicated mostly with Rosie via email on the build up to the wedding. Whenever I had a query she would get back to me the same day and was always really helpful. I don't know a lot about photography myself so she was happy to give advice on things that might work well as well as take on some of the requests I had for particular family photographs I wanted on the day. After the wedding, Rosie continued to stay in touch, giving us teasers of the wedding photos to keep us going until we got them all!
Prep Sheet: Before the wedding, we chose not to take part in an engagement shoot so the prep sheet was vital for us to inform Rosie of how our story began, how it continued and how we wanted the day to pan out! The day itself was an absolute whirlwind so that made it extra important that I got across as much information as possible beforehand. It helped Rosie to keep us on track during the day to ensure that we got all of the photos we wanted and more. I would have been gutted if we'd missed any pictures so I'm so glad it was in place!
Personality: I have been to many weddings and encountered many different wedding photographers. Because of this I felt it was imperative that we found a photographer that suited both my husband and myself. Rosie was perfect. She arrived early on to take photographs of myself and the bridal party at the hotel. She walked in, saw the quickly developing chaos, put her bag down and began snapping away! From the moment she walked in, Rosie was professional throughout and took photos that I didn't even know I wanted until I got them all back and saw how perfect they were. Rosie really knows what she's doing and I knew I could trust her. Rosie got on well with the wedding party and put myself and my husband at ease throughout. At times we didn't even know she was there and then at other times she'd suggest stealing a few minutes to grab an extra couple of photos in a different setting, meaning that we have a good range of photos. Rosie's personality shone throughout the day. During group photos she was able to get the attention of a rowdy bunch as well as capture more intimate photos that we will treasure.
Professionalism: When looking for a wedding photographer prior to the wedding I knew that I wanted to find somebody who could capture our day with magical photos. The day itself goes by in a heartbeat but the photographs last a lifetime and will be shared across generations. Because of this, we knew we needed to trust whoever we picked. Rosie is amazing and I knew we were in safe hands. I never for a moment doubted that she would deliver the most perfect photos that we can treasure forever. She is brilliant at her job and really knows what she is doing. She has provided us with both candid, natural photos and more posed photos with our family and friends. We can not thank her enough for this amazing gift.
Timings: Rosie managed the timings of the day perfectly. Prior to the day she sent me over a rough guide of how the day and photographs might pan out, following on from the prep sheet that I had sent over. From the moment I got up on the morning of the wedding I lost all concept of time but Rosie kept us updated and let us know what was going to happen next. She managed to help us steal an extra few minutes here and there to take extra photos in different settings at the venue. As the night guests arrived we also gathered outside with the main wedding party for some sparkler photos which I wasn't expecting but they're among some of my favourites from the day (capturing the merry little faces of the people we love!).
Timescales: Following the wedding, Rosie gave us a sneak peak the very next day of one of the photos! It was lovely to be able to share this with family so soon after the wedding. From then until we got the final photos, Rosie shared further photos to keep us going as well as the most beautiful montage of photos via YouTube. I must have watched it hundreds of times before we got the photos but I just adored it!
Final Images: We absolutely loved the final photos! Every single one of them captured another memory that we can treasure forever to remind us of the most perfect day of our lives. There was a good mix of candid photos as well as more posed photos with our friends and family. Rosie managed to make us all look flawless with her computer wizardry so they were a hit with all of our family! On the day, we were lucky enough that Rosie brought along a friend who was looking for some work experience. She managed to take some behinds the scenes shots of our family and managed to capture another side to the day. We love her photos too (especially some of the best man photos!).
Things you loved: I cannot put into words how amazing Rosie is and how much she puts her heart into something she clearly loves doing! I could trust Rosie to play one of the most important roles in our day and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If there is one piece of advice that I can give any bride-to-be it would be to hire Rosie. She will keep you at ease throughout the day and capture the most magical photographs that you can treasure forever.
Areas for improvement: Absolutely nothing - Keep doing what you're doing because you're amazing at it and you have a gift!
Further recommendations: One hundred percent and I have done since the wedding. Rosie and her images speak for themselves and don't need me to vouch for how good she is but if anybody is in doubt, I can tell them that they won't regret asking Rosie to capture the most perfect day of their life. She is amazingly talented and will make you cry with happiness when you receive the final photos!
Charlotte and Matthew: 
Wedding Venue & Date: Otterburn Castle, 3 June 2017
Communication: We met Rosie at a wedding fair and she quite happily chatted to us without a hard sell, we then decided that we wanted to know more so emailed rosie and then met her near our home, where she showed us albums and discussed our requirements. Once againt here was no hard sell but the choice was obvious we had to have her! We booked two years in advance and Rosie stay in touch throughout, first confirming our package, then regarding the pre shoot (which she willingly came to York for so we could have pictures of where we got engaged!)and then nearer the time Rosie stayed in close contact, which was good as I was a very nervous bride that kept wanting to check everything over. Rosie always answered my emails quickly and she was always so friendly and kind listening to what we had to say and giving advice! By the time the wedding came along I felt like Rosie was more like a friend who knew not just me but my husband as well.
Prep Sheet: the prep sheet was amazing because it covered things I hadn't even thought of, which then on the day would either have got missed or rushed. The sheet helped us focus on what we really wanted, not just the big family shoots (which there was loads due to a large complicated family) but other moments we might want to catch such as the hand made wishing well, my niece and nephew, the cake toppers (which Rosie got before they got broken :))it even made us think about timings for the rest of the day! it was great being able to discuss with Rosie the family connections and who got on and who didn't, it just made the day run smoother.
Personality: AMAZING! it really is the only word for Rosie, she was kind, friendly, chatty and a great laugh. she had the bridesmaids and myself so relaxed that we weren't worried about being pictured. even two months after the wedding people still talk about how great Rosie was! she also has a great way of bringing out the best in people, even when things start getting stressed during putting on my dress, Rosie was a calming influence.
Professionalism: Rosie just fitted effortlessly into our wedding day. she was unobtrusive and always there at the right moment to catch the best photo. her attitude and the way she works, just made us feel instantly relaxed and it was at these moments that she captured the best shots. Rosie just gives off an air of I know what I'm doing' which means that people don't feel the need to direct or 'help' which made it so much easier during the family photos
Timings: this was one of our biggest fears - we gave Rosie a huge list of family photos that we just had to have (big divorced families means lots f pictures) Rosie got through all the guest shots in half an hour, when we were expecting a couple of hours! At no point did anyone feel rushed or harassed, she had a chat with each group, but she was so good and so professional that she was able to get each group done in seconds and the pictures were amazing! this gave my husband and I more time with our gusts rather then standing posing, it also meant we didn't have to rush our one on one time with Rosie, as there was loads of time to spare. We thought we would have to sacrifice casual photos for the posed ones, but Rosie was so efficient we got way more then we ever expected.
Timescales: We got a couple of images the very next day, which meant we then were able to see a picture of us before we went on honeymoon, this alone was fantastic because it just kept that warm fuzzy feeling going. next we got a preview of some of the pictures and again this came through quick and just wetted my appetite for the photos. Once back from honeymoon I think I began to panic that the photos wouldn't be nice - self doubt is never good - so when the preview came through I could have cried with how nice they were, and how good they looked I just wanted more. A few days later we got access to the whole lot and wow, wow, wow I have never seen such great photos (especially of myself, we took our time going through and picking the ones we wanted for our albums and the great thing is Rosie has stayed in contact throughout answering our questions and just generally being lovely.
Final Images: I never thought we would get such great pcitures of our wedding day, and now I can't decide which ones to use! they really are amazing, she did such a great job, everyone just looks so happy and the group shoots are perfect! but the best photos are the ones Rosie got herself off list, particularly of my neice and nephew playing and of me and Matthew walking, talking and having quiet moments. She really did bring out the best in everyone.
Things you loved: Rosie herself is what makes her such a great photographer, her personality and friendless steal the show every time. She was the most helpful person and so easy to get on with. the pictures themselves have come out amazing and I don't feel like anything got missed, if anything I want to get married again just so I can use Rosie and get more awesome pictures!
Areas for improvement: There really is nothing, one of the best things was receiving the memory stick, not only was the branded box cute but the chocolates and hot chocolate just set us up for a great night looking at our pictures! such a great touch!
Further recommendations: I have already recommended Rosie to everyone I know, plus several facebook networking groups where the moment someone says wedding and photography I cant sing her praises enough! Thank you so much for making things so perfect - the wedding may just be a memory now but blimey will those photos last forever!
Sophie and Oliver: We loved having Rosie as part of our wedding day. We had so much fun with the pre-shoot and were so happy with the results, we knew that the photos from the big day would be just what we wanted - relaxed, creative and beautiful. Neither of us are particularly relaxed when there's a camera pointed at us, but Rosie is so chilled out she made it really easy. 

In the half day of the wedding she was there for she captured some fantastic shots of everyone, directing the few posed ones brilliantly and was so subtle in the ceremony I didn't even know she was taking any until we saw the pictures! A massive thank you as well for her seamstress skills - pinning my dress in the morning was an unexpected job she aced! Thank you again!

Kate and Andrew: Like a lot of grooms, the thought of constantly having my photo taken was the thing of nightmares. Fortunately, Rosie did a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly, informally and, most importantly, enjoyably. Rosie has such a naturally calm and engaging manner, the part of the wedding I was dreading ended up being one of my favourites. (and obviously the photos are stunning) -Andrew

Rosie photographed my wedding last summer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a lovely lady and a pleasure to have at the wedding but more importantly, her photographs are beautiful. My husband and I couldn't be happier and still enjoy looking through them regularly. She is a very talented photographer. -Katie

Lily and Graham: We used Rosie for our recent wedding! We've just getting the pics back and they are amazing! Graham & I weren't too thrilled at the idea of a 'pre shoot' in fact I thought it was going to be awkward but Rosie was really friendly and easy to get along with which made all the difference. She's very talented and helped me on the morning of the wedding too. Thank you so much for capturing our lovely day so well. Graham & I both enjoyed looking through all the photos and reliving our day xxx

Suzanne and Paul: I just wanted to say a massive thank you for our amazing wedding photographs, they are stunning and we couldn't have asked for more. Picking our favourites to frame is going to be hard! We had an amazing day start to finish and are hugely appreciative of everything you have done. You made us feel totally at ease and took away any awkwardness infront of the camera. Our guests also appreciated this too! We're sad the big day has been and gone but could not be happier with the amazing photos we have to remember it by!
Rachel Wailes: AMAZING!! Rosie photographed our wedding recently at Eslington Villa. Everything about Rosie and the service she provided was perfect. We wanted natural, in the moment pictures that captured everyone's reactions and that's exactly we got. The pictures are better than we could ever have wished for. Rosie just did her thing snapping away capturing moments that we didn't even see. We didn't even really feel aware of Rosie being there (in a nice way!) yet we still got some lovely group shots and some more 'posey' ones, but even these look natural. We wernt asked to stand in stupid positions or do anything cringed. Every pic Rosie took I love! She made us feel so comfortable, I felt like straight away I could be honest and tell her exactly what I wanted. All of the guests commented on how low key and relaxing the photographer was, no one felt like they were being ordered around and we didn't feel like we were away from our guests for any length of time. We got married outside and the lighting and way Rosie used the background to get us the best pictures was perfect. Rosie is everything we wanted; some one professional, friendly, calming, reliable and who knows what they are doing. Basically we loved working with her. She's lush and we LOVE our pictures!!

Rachel Allsopp: We are so happy that we decided to book Rosie to capture our wedding day at the South Causey Inn in Beamish earlier this year. Rosie was extremely professional, yet friendly and down to earth, which made everyone feel completely at ease in front of the camera. Rosie's natural style of photography, combined with her original ideas, resulted in a collection of absolutely stunning photographs, with which we are over the moon. We feel that Rosie really went the extra mile throughout the day and her excellent knowledge of the local area meant that we were able to get some beautiful, bespoke shots that were taken in a nearby woods. We also upgraded our package to include a photo booth, which provided hours of fun for guests during the evening (and for us when looking back through the hilarious photographs that were taken!). We could not be happier with our wedding photographs and would highly recommend Rosie to anybody looking for a talented photographer to capture their special day. Thank you so much Rosie! Lots of love, The Allsopps x x x

Elaine Shone: Fab photographer. Definitely recommend. Absolutely faultless. Get your photos booked in with Rosie!

Andrea Clarke: Rosie is absolutely fantastic, really puts you at ease and works so hard to make sure your photos are perfect, nothing is too much trouble. Our wedding photographs are amazing. Would highly recommended Rosie to anyone!

Leanne Hope: Had the best day capturing my dance portfolio pictures with Rosie, would recommend her to any dancers looking to get some pictures done! Such an enjoyable day, so relaxed and friendly!

Natalie Stubbs: Just had the most amazing photos done of my kids and I can say they are absolutely amazing I love them thanks so much Rosie xx
Zoe Richards: Thank you Rosie! We love our engagement and wedding photos and loved having you as part of our day. We would definitely recommend Rosie Images to everyone looking for a photographer. Some of our newly engaged friends have already booked!
Anna Shepherd: Rosie was absolutely amazing on our wedding day! She kept everyone in line and made everybody feel so relaxed that the photos are completely natural and capture the essence of the day perfectly! She has got a natural talent and is so lovely that she felt like a part of the family, I would recommend her to everybody! Thank you again Rosie!!! x x x

Suzanne Marshall: Rosie was our photographer on our big day, we were so happy with her from start to finish from our engagement shoot to our wedding day. Very professional service from a lovely lady who helped us feel so at ease when we were feeling most nervous! She helped us sail through the day getting us the best possible shots for our memories. We had a videographer and for some photographers we heard this has been a problem but not for us as Rosie worked alongside them, nothing was too much trouble or a problem. Will recommend to my friends for their upcoming weddings and also for portrait shoots as i see the children's photos are fabulous and great keepsakes. Thanks again Rosie! Best wishes from the Marshalls x

Michelle Robson: 
Well what can I say about the lovely Rosie . What a very talented lady !! We had the pleasure of her company at our wedding in Cyprus and she took some amazing photos, very natural and very beautiful. Just recently we used Rosie again for a family shoot as our daughter lillie has quite a soft spot for her !! The photos are brilliant, she makes you at ease straight away to the point where sometimes you don't even know the photos are being taken !! Rosie is an amazing photographer who will capture some amazing pictures of which you will have memories to treasure forever. I can't recommend her enough, she a great girl! Book her you will not be disappointed!

Lynne Knott:
 What a fantastic, wonderful and talented person you truly are!!! We have just watched our wedding slide show and are so unbelievably overwhelmed at how amazing it is!!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

Suzanne Cameron: Would thoroughly recommend Rosie Images. Rosie has such a creative vision and passion that is apparent when you see the outcome of her work. She's a very easy going friendly person who can adapt to any given situation and is fantastic with kids! It is impossible to be disappointed!

Laura Quintall: Had a family photo shoot at Saltwell Park and she had to deal with a range of ages from 10 months old to 34 years old. Rosie did an amazing job and captured exactly what we were looking for. Our daughter definitely made her work hard as she wouldn't sit still, but Rosie ran after her and got some gorgeous shots. Rosie is also so friendly and passionate and made everyone feel at ease. Would definitely recommend her and I would definitely ask her to do our future shoots.

Sarah Liddle: Amazing photos from friendly, professional photographer!

Gemma Bryson: Absolutely fab!! U were great with the kids and the pics were amazing thank u!! Xx

Jayne Hart: Rosie did my business 'head' shots. Except she totally exceeded my expectations as I got head and full shots on location where I am based. We went to the beach and the park. Rosie made me feel at ease and relaxed (I hate having photo taken). The results were great and means I have a selection to choose from depending on what I'm doing. As a new business I also found the price very reasonable. No hesitation to recommend Rosie

Debbi Dixon: Thank you so much Rosie for our Wedding Photos. You made our Wedding day on Friday 26 September 2014 extra special and you blended in with our guests and most of them didn't even know they were being photographed so the pictures are stunning and natural. I felt like I had known you for years and you made Paul and I feel so comfortable and relaxed. You don't have enough stars on this page to rate you Rosie because you were off the scale. You have a true gift and are an amazingly lovely lady who helped make two very nervous people relax and enjoy their very intimate special day xxxxx

Julie Barron: Rosie has taken photos of two very important occasions for us now. She manages to capture the most natural moments (generally without you knowing your being photographed!). Her photography is pure and elegant. I can't thank her enough for the beautiful images we've had taken. Highly recommended

Paul Hampton, Approved Mortgage Solutions: I feel compelled to write and tell you how pleased I am with the photographs you took of me and the team at Approved Mortgage Solutions. The photographs have been used on our company website, linked-in profiles and company social media sites. As a team we vary massively in age from 16 to over 60. We have people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, the one thing we do all have in common is a mortal fear of having our photographs taken. You attended our office to accommodate us and so not to interrupt with our working day. You took lots of images without interrupting the office. You made everyone feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera with your friendly personality and warm persona. As simple as this sounds it means the smiles and natural personalities of the staff seem to come through more than they have ever done before on any professional photographs we have had taken. We have had lots of favourable comments and increased activity on our social media. The only thing this can be contributed to is the photographs as they are the only thing that has changed. I would have no hesitation in using you again for any kind of photography and would whole heartedly recommend you to any colleagues, family or friends in need of personal or business photography. Thank you once again

Michelle Scott: Rosie took pictures of our beautiful baby boy at only a week old. The whole photo shoot was very relaxed for mammy, daddy and baby. We were able to say how we wanted the pictures to look and Rosie was also able to suggest unique poses. The pictures... Wow! They were totally amazing only problem... I can't pick my favourite. Thank you for capturing moments of our sons life that we will cherish forever.

Susannah Hipkin: Rosie photographed my wedding at Guisborough Hall in March 2014. From her arrival she was really warm and professional. She found some beautiful locations around our venue for photos that we didn’t even know were there! She gave us a lovely mix of formal and informal photos and they were really well edited. She even managed to put my husband at ease and he hates having his photo taken!

Tone Rowlinson: I have known Rosie for many years and I was very pleased she could make it to my daughters first birthday party. We had gathered the whole family from far and near, which made it a perfect photo opportunity! We spent a lovely sunny day in the garden and we got pictures taken as a group as well as portraits of our lovely little girl Sofia. Rosie was professional throughout, but with a lovely sense of humour, relaxed nature and very friendly. It was a special day to have the whole family together and the photos were a perfect keepsake. I felt particularly pleased with Sofia's portraits; her sweetness and cheeky grins were captured beautifully. "Thank you Rosie, and I wish you all the best for your future in photography. "Lots of love David, Tone and Sofia Rowlinson xxx

Louise Pallas: I've known Rosie for many years and knew she would be the perfect person to ask when I wanted some photos taken of my sons christening day. She was friendly and professional and was great with the kids (and adults). The pictures were beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to ask her for any other photos I would like in the future.

Mr & Mrs C Oliver: "What a great photographer, made us feel at ease straight away, very professional! Great quality photos :) something to keep forever! We would highly recommend her to anyone that's looking to capture some great memories."

Sarah Laybourne: "A fantastic photographer who has given us images to last forever, we love them so much and would highly recommend anyone looking for special memories to contact Roise. Not only will you love the final product the day it's self was so much fun, a fantastic people person who made our experience a blast! Thanks so much Rosie our family photographer for life."