Weddings, weddings, weddings... I just bloody love them. I mean what's not to love. I get to work with amazing, fun, happy people on the best day of their lives. I love to just immerse myself in the day, watching and capturing all of the little moments that make each wedding unique. I probably work slightly different to most wedding photographers in that I'm super informal. I mix with guests and catch what really happens. I will still capture all of the little details that you spent the last year or so picking out/saving for/painstakingly making by hand but I shoot most things in their natural state, ie, rings on your hands, shoes on your feet, flowers proped up in a spare toilet roll etc. I mean as nice as your dress will look hanging up by the window, it doesn't even compare to how shit hot it will look when you're wearing it! 

Don't let granny panic too much though, I do still pose some stuff. Mainly the group shots that you request. Though I get a list of these off you prior to the day so I can put them in the most efficient (get your thirsty guests back to the bar) order, making them totally painless. I'll also sort of pose some more creative couple shots, think the epic shot you'll still have on your wall when you're too old to see it properly! This is mainly because most couples I know don't stroll happily through long, grassy meadows with the sun backlighting them perfectly without a smidge of direction. (However, kudos if you do!) I dont over pose these shots, I just pop you in pretty light with a nice background then we normally have a bit of a chat and a laugh so facially it's still really relaxed and natural.

My usual couples tend to be fun loving, laid back people who want a fab wedding and awesome photos to remember it by but don't sweat the small stuff. They're all about each other and having an absolute blast with their family and friends. They're looking for a photographer who is friendly and informal and won't spend hours getting them to fake shots, giving them more time to enjoy their party. My aim is when you look back at the images after the wedding it really helps you remember things that happened, ie, your mam laughing so hard at the speeches that she spit up her champers!

Please get in touch for details about specific packages but as a rough guide I start at £750 for a half day and £1000 for a full day. Extra frills such as pre wedding shoots, second shooters, albums etc are all available too so let me know what you've got in mind and I can give you a more specific quote.

If you have any other questions or just want to meet for a cuppa and slice of cake to chat all things wedding just get in touch at:

Happy wedding trails!

Rosie x x